What is Dermal Filler?

Dermal Filler is a liquid which is injected into the skin of wrinkles to instantly plump and eradicate them. It’s particularly useful for correcting deep, permanent wrinkles and folds that anti-wrinkle injections hasn’t been able to fully treat.

The liquid injected is Hyaluronic Acid. It is Hyaluronic Acid which naturally supports and gives volume to the skin when we are younger. As we move into our 30’s, the natural Hyaluronic Acid present in the skin starts to break down (especially if we’ve had a lot of sun exposure) and wrinkles start to form.

By replacing this natural Hyaluronic Acid, we can turn back time and return the skin to its more youthful look.

Is Dermal Filler safe?

Dermal Fillers are incredibly safe explains Dr Alan Sweeney. Today Dermal Fillers are available which are genetically identical to human Hyaluronic Acid which eliminates any allergic reactions.

The very first Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Filler available was Juvederm. Being the first on the market, it has been used all over the world for the past decade, and no other product has had more attention and research. It is widely accepted that Juvederm is the superior Dermal Filler on the market for both results and safety which is why it is the only Dermal Filler we use at ADS Medical Aesthetics.

What does my Dermal Filler treatment involve?

Every patient has an in-depth complimentary consultation with Dr Alan to fully discuss their treatment, any concerns and what results could be achieved. He will give you an honest opinion on what can (or cannot) be achieved through a combination of Dermal Filler treatments and/or anti-wrinkle injections.

Together, you will come to an agreement on the most appropriate treatment option to meet your needs, then he will develop a bespoke treatment plan with follow-up appointments (if needed).

If we decide that Dermal Filler treatment would be an appropriate step forward for you, treatment can be carried out immediately.

Injections of Dermal Filler can cause minor discomfort, especially when injected into the sensitive skin of the lips for lip enhancements, so a local anaesthetic cream is applied before all Dermal Filler treatments to keep any discomfort to an absolute minimum.

Dr Alan Sweeney

What areas does Dermal Filler treat?

Dermal Filler injections improve loss of volume, which is typically anywhere that creases, folds or wrinkles have developed.

Juvederm Dermal Filler is especially useful for:

  • The creases between the nose and mouth (nasolabial lines).
  • A down-turned mouth and the lines that develop downwards from the corner of the mouth (marionette lines).
  • Loss of volume to areas of the face due to age including cheek enhancements.
  • The neck, décolletage (cleavage area) and backs of the hands.
  • Deeper, more established ones smoker’s lines that cannot be completely eradicated with anti-wrinkle treatments.
  • A down turned mouth.

Unlike muscle relaxing anti-wrinkle injections, which takes two weeks to work, Dermal Filler results are instant and can be seen before leaving the clinic.

How long does my Dermal Filler treatment last for?

The results typically last 6-9 months. If the area containing the Dermal Filler experiences a lot of friction, rubbing and movement then it will wear out faster than an area that doesn’t. A classic example, is lip augmentation (increased volume to the lips). We tend to find that patients who do a lot of kissing, need their lips topping up earlier than those who do not.


How long does Dermal Filler take to start working?

The results are instant. Once the filler is injected into your skin it will immediately plump the skin up and the results can be seen straight away (unlike anti-wrinkle injections, which take up to 14 days to reach maximum effect). You can see the transformation occurring in the mirror as it happens.

More anti-wrinkle injection FAQs

Absolutely says Dr Alan. We are seeing an increasing number of men at our clinic.

Male creases form in exactly the same way so the non-surgical treatment is also exactly the same. If anything, male creases tend to be deeper and more pronounced, because the muscles that form them are usually bigger and thicker. Dermal Filler treatment in men often produces a very impressive result.

ADS Medical Aesthetics insist that all patients must be aged 18 or over to be considered for any aesthetic or cosmetic treatments.

It is becoming increasing popular for patients to request filler in their teens, usually for their lips. For this reason, please do not be offended if you are asked for proof of age, and please bring a UK driving licence or valid passport with you to your consultation.

You can stop using Dermal Filler at any time without any negative health effects.

Any creases that were present before starting treatment will return within a few months of the filler wearing off. Many patients return on 1-2 times per year for a top up.

Yes, Dermal Filler will work on everybody. During your initial complimentary consultation with Dr Alan he will discuss what is possible to achieve and advise you on the best treatment, or combination of treatments, for you.
Dermal Filler is the best non-surgical tool available. In the right hands, excellent results can be achieved, but as with all medical treatments there are no 100% guarantees. Even if creases are not completely eradicated, they will be significantly reduced.
Yes, there are many other brands of Dermal Filler available on market. At ADS Medical Aesthetics Dr Alan Sweeney only uses Juvederm as it is widely regarded as being the premium Dermal Filler.

Cheaper fillers that “wear out” more quickly and do not give the same results.

At your consultation you’ll be given a detailed information sheet containing all the post treatment “do’s and don’ts” to be aware of.

This guidance from Dr Alan is both for your personal wellbeing and to maximise your results.

Here are his recommendations:

  • Even though there may be some slight itchiness and swelling at the sites of injection, do not touch any of the treatment areas for the next 6 hours. This is to make sure the filler stays where it needs to be.
  • Stay upright for the next 6 hours. Again, this is to keep the Dermal Filler in the right place.
  • Avoid alcohol, exercise and heat for the next 48 hours. The dilated blood vessels and sweating can “flush” the filler out.
  • You can have the procedure repeated as many times as you like. Lip treatments typically last 6 months and skin treatments 6-9 months.
  • If for whatever reason you choose to visit a different practitioner next time, please make sure you contact us and ask for your records so that your new practitioner knows what products and procedures you have already had.

Dermal Filler Price Guide

One syringe: £200
Each additional syringe: £150

As Dermal Filler is used to replace volume, every individual’s requirements will be slightly different. The amount needed will depend on how many treatment areas need treating, how much volume needs replacing and the patient’s individual preferences.

To give you an idea, typical amounts needed for each procedure are:

Cheek enhancement: (2 syringes)£350
Nasolabial lines: (1 – 2 syringes depending on depth of fold)£200 – £350
Marionette’s Fold: (2 syringes)£200 – £350
Smoker’s lines: (1 syringe total)£200
Necklace and décolletage: (1 syringe total)£200
Lip augmentation (both lips): (1 – 2 syringes depending on preference)£200 – £350
Lip border only: (½ syringe)£100

*Some individuals may require less, others more.