Hyperhidrosis is the unnecessarily complicated word describing someone who sweats too much, (Hyper = Increased. Hidrosis = Water).

We’ve all felt rather sweaty at times when we’d rather we hadn’t. I certainly can remember feeling uncomfortably “damp” at interviews, first dates and formal occasions.

However, for 3% of us, excessive sweating on a daily basis can be so severe that it is becomes debilitating to everyday life. For these people, antiperspirants and wearing multiple layers to try and absorb the sweat simply do not work.

Fortunately, there is now a medical solution for Hyperhidrosis.


Anti-wrinkle injections to cure Hyperhidrosis

The anti-wrinkle medication that I use to treat frown lines, also switches off your sweat glands.

I inject the anti-wrinkle medication directly into the skin of the excessively sweaty area (typically armpits, small of back, hands or feet). This causes your sweat glands in that area to literally stop working for 3-6 months.

Injection of anti-wrinkle medication to the skin is quick, relatively pain-free and requires no downtime – so you can return to normal daily activities and work straight away.

If you’re worried about any discomfort I can assure you that the needle I use to inject the skin is the thinnest one available on the market – in fact, it’s the same needle that diabetics use to inject themselves with insulin 2-3 times per day.

Reduce excessive sweating by up to 90%

Research shows this simple 20 minute procedure reduces sweating in the treated area by up to 90% and works in 90% of people. This means a 90% chance of having a 90% reduction in sweating.

Price Guide: around £150 per armpit/hand/foot.

*The price varies as smaller people are likely to need less medication injected, whilst bigger people may need more.

To regain your self-confidence and be able to wear your favourite clothes whenever you like without the worry of embarrassing sweat patches, contact Dr Alan on 07709 489616 for your complimentary private consultation at any of his aesthetic clinics.