Lip Augmentation

Dr Alan injects a safe and temporary dermal filler called Juvederm to the lips and the border – creating lips with increased volume and perfect definition.

You can read Dr Alan’s detailed guidance on dermal fillers and what to expect here

Full, symmetrical, voluminous lips have been a symbol of beauty and attractiveness for thousands of years.

Unfortunately as we age, the fleshy part of the lips can wear away, leaving them thinner and with less volume.

All lip enhancement and augmentation treatments are administered by aesthetic specialist Dr Alan Sweeney. Dr Alan offers a complimentary in-depth consultation for every patient during which he will discuss and recommend the right aesthetic treatment for you.

Lip augmentation

The rosy coloured fleshy part of your lips can be injected with dermal filler for a fuller appearance. In older ladies, volume can be replaced to what it was during youth. In younger ladies, volume can be increased beyond what their genetics gave them.

This non-surgical procedure is particularly effective if you are looking for increased volume and definition of the upper border.

Lip Enhancement price guide

The amount of dermal filler needed will depend on how much lip volume needs replacing and your individual preferences.

1ml of filler£225
0.5ml of filler£125